The Idle

A semi-realistic roleplay where wolves reign supreme in a world of chaos.
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 The Idle Information

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PostSubject: The Idle Information   Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:26 pm

The Idle lives on a vast tundra at the edge of the pack-inhabited lands. There is a long, relatively thin mountain chain on their north border, and the pack makes it camp in a sheltered hollow near the top of the mountain that is deepest in their territory. The only way through the mountain range is the Spirit Pass, and on the other side is the Unknown Lands. Few have ventured there, and none have returned.

The Idle's camp is in a sheltered hollow near the top of the mountain deepest in their territory. The dens are caves in the walls. The pup shelter is the most protected, as the entrance is tiny, and the inside is deep in the rock.

The Idle believes in Spirits of the Earth that roam the mountain range, particularly the Spirit Pass. They are said to give guidance to the pack, but they are very rarely seen, and almost never seen outside of the Spirit Pass. The pack also believes in evil spirits, which are said to be at every cross road in a wolf's life, trying to turn you down the wrong path. The evil spirits are more real for the pack than the Spirits of the Earth.

The Idle only has one tradition. That is the Howling Circle. On the night of the full moon, The entire pack (minus the omegas, sick wolves, and expecting mothers) sits in a circle around the alpha, and howl at the moon.
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The Idle Information
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